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Spot your cargo, Vol. 08 / 2020 . Bei diesem Container belassen wir es mal bei 2 Bildern. Weil hinten etwas drinsteht das (noch) nicht öffentlich ist. Und vorne? Ja, genau "ge**er Sch**ß" ! 😎😎

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TOP-ANGEBOT von einem unserer Partner aus USA:

This 1979 Mercedes-Benz 280SLC is an unusual European market variant, not originally sold in the United States.

While US-bound R107s were powered by Mercedes’ familiar M116 and M117 V8s, this example is powered by the 2.8L M110 inline-six, which is rated at 177 horsepower. The potent six produces 27 horsepower more than the 3.8L V8-powered 380SL and SLC sold in the US, and similar power to the 4.5L V8 in the 350 and 450SL and SLC.

Differences from US market SL’s and SLC’s extend well beyond the powerplant, and include slimmer bumpers, not seen in the US since 1973, as well as a unique interior and more. The SLC is a 4 seater Coupe with a fixed roof, not a 2+2 or convertible.

This particular car was imported to California in 1996 and converted to meet US standards according to the door tag.
Not much is known about the history of the Mercedes, as we acquired it after long term storage from the previous owner in Willcox AZ.

It is being sold as is and should be considered a project, depending on the individual viewpoint. It appears that the car spent time in California, Virginia and Arizona. One could assume it belonged to military personnel.

As mentioned prior, it sat for a few years before we purchased it. Inline six-cylinder engine with manual 4 speed transmission. It will start, run and drive well enough to be moved around in a storage yard or neighborhood, but it is not running on all cylinders nor is it roadworthy at this time.

An after-market air-conditioning unit has been installed. Aside from having the highly desirable, small and elegant European chrome-bumpers, it also seems to sit on the factory forged aluminum 14” Bundt wheels. Manual windows and manual seats. Fold-down center arm-rest and wheel-well chrome-trim.

Body and paint are presentable from a distance, but a closer look will reveal an old mediocre repaint as well as body-work of various extent all around the vehicle. Paint is cracking and lifting in some areas, as can be seen in the pictures. There are some small areas of rust observed as well.

The cloth & vinyl interior is presentable as well, but does show some stains and discolorations along with the obligatory cracking in wood and dash-pad caused by Arizona weather conditions. The speedometer is in km/h and the odometer shows 196,000 kilometers, appr. 121,000 miles. Comes with mileage exempt clear Arizona title.

The car could be enjoyed as is with comparatively little effort.
It also represents a good base for a restoration or maybe a 450SL 5.0 Rallye clone.

Offered ex Phoenx AZ at only US $ 4,995.00 - reasonable offers considered

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Sehr cool wenn man Sachen die man im Container hatte dann später auf dem Auto in freier Wildbahn sieht (hier die Motorhaube)

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Jetzt auch bei Facebook. Der Spediteur unseres Vertrauens: is in Houston, Texas.

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Spot YOUR cargo, Vol 07 2020

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During the year 1958 the AM radio played Danny & The Juniors “At the hop” or “Twilight time” by The Platters as the number 1 hits.

The top movie in the drive-in-theatre was “Bridge on the River Kwai”. That same year Bobby Fisher wins the US Chess Championship at only 14 years of age! NASA is created and Nikita Khrushchev becomes Premier of the Soviet Union.
Packard Motor Co. is seizing production and all the while General Motors is celebrating their 50th year of production with class, luxury and new styles.

The Roadmaster Riviera was a masterpiece of the Buick division in 1958.

It represented the epitome of American automotive chrome indulgence and airplane derived styling cues. The list of standard equipment was downright unbelievable, to be topped only by Buick’s own Limited model. With their own words - one of the finest cars on the road. And today one of the most collectible automobiles.

Buick eliminated the signature traditional venti-ports in the front fenders for the first time in decades. Only 10,500 were made in ´58 and it was the last year of the Roadmaster name-tag until it’s revival from 1991-96.

Recently this Buick 4 door hardtop was removed from long term storage and cleaned up for your viewing pleasure and purchasing opportunity.

Manufactured in Kansas City MO, the car left the factory in a beautiful Laurel-Mist-Metallic with Silver-Grey cloth & leather seats. You are looking at a very complete and original un-restored Nebraska example. Well optioned car with power windows, power seats, signal seeking radio with power antenna, etc.

Mostly original paint with exception of repaint on passenger’s fender. It is very straight and there are no signs of any major body damage or repair.

Original interior in decent condition with good door panels, headliner and seats. Car had been stored since 1978 and shows 119,xxx miles but no documentation. Glass is good with the exception of the windshield, which has cracks.

Rust issues are localized. Both rear doors jambs above the rear wheel wells have rust damage, and the lower corners of the cab exterior at the ends of the rocker panels have areas of rust
Cab floors, trunk floor, center of rockers are in great shape.
All chrome and stainless trim are in good driver’s quality shape, and all pieces are there. The small piece that goes between the trunk lid and passenger’s quarter is there, currently in the glove box.

Engine starts, runs and seems to be sound, but it is not running on all cylinders at this time. The car will move around under its own power, enough to drive it within a commercial yard, but it is not roadworthy at this time. The transmission engages in all gears but has not been road tested. Brakes are not functional and will need to be rebuilt from sitting.

We decided to sell the car as it is, since we have other projects on the way. It is an excellent project and a worthwhile one at that. A great candidate for restoration, rehab for a original driver or for different kind of rat rod.

Offered for sale at only $14,750.- as is. Reasonable offers might be considered

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Und wieder konnten wir erste Muster für spezielle Ausrüstung aus den USA für die Waldbrandbekämpfung in Deutschland liefern. Danke an Christian von für den Auftrag

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TOP-Angebot eines unserer Partner aus USA:

We are proud to offer another desirable classic Mercedes SL Roadster in beautiful condition.

The 560SL was the culmination in the United States of what Mercedes-Benz internally referred to as the R107 chassis. A model run that lasted for 18 years, beginning in 1972 with the US introduction of the 350SL.

In the last version, the 560SL, Mercedes got it all just right, offering essentially bullet-proof reliability, satisfying power, and aggressive good looks. This model combined all that Mercedes learned about the V-8 R107 chassis cars into a cultural icon. Standard equipment included but is not limited to driver's side airbag, climate control and ABS brakes.
Interior improvements for the 560SL included burlwood accents, improved lateral seatback support, and a power passenger side mirror.

The new car was valued at over $ 60,000.00 at the time.

Sold new during May 1987 in New York, this Mercedes served as a summer-vehicle for the original owners until it moved with them to Texas 10 years later.

Since 1999 the automobile has spent its life in Arizona, mostly kept in a garage with multiple other collectible vehicles.

During spring of this year 2020 it was time to sell the car and it required some rehabilitation and preparation Goodies Automotive in Scottsdale performed nearly $5000 worth of repairs to make the 560 a mechanically sound driver again!

This particular car looks and runs great!

It is dressed in a beautiful dark-blue with beige leather interior and a dark-blue cloth top, some of the best colors available to showcase this personal luxury convertible. Original paint is in great condition, with some minor chips, dings & scratches from normal use. No rust at all, good quality paint repair at the passenger side rear quarter panel.

The leather interior showing only minor wear, overall nice.
Dashboard has very minor cracking and the wood applications show some cracks in the clearcoat.

DB904 dark-blue color is complemented by gold pinstriping, wheel-arch-chrome-trim and chrome plated aluminum wheels to complete the elegant appearance.

The SL has around 147,900 mls on the odometer, but you wouldn't know when looking at it - or driving it. It comes with a color matched blue hardtop. With the hardtop removed, it shows the soft-top in usable condition. Slight yellowing of the vinyl and some small tears are to be noticed.

An Alpine aftermarket stereo system has been installed.
This Benz runs, drives and stops great, transmission shifts firm and the locomotive like torque & performance is there, as well as the stopping power. Tires have good thread, but are old with flat spots and should be replaced.

It is not a show car, but a very nice driving car that was well kept and maintained throughout the years. Passed AZ emissions and comes with a clear Box A (actual mile) title, as well as the Carfax report & last repair invoice.

Even today this roadster will make people stop and turn around!

It has a great curb appeal and is at home on the Golf Course or Country Club, just as much as in the Supermarket parking lot or at a Car Show.

Please inquire for more details and more pictures if needed.
Currently offered for sale at only USD 14,950.00 (+500 USD commision)

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TOP-Angebot von einem unserer Partner in USA:

The year was 1956.

Movie star Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier of Monaco and becomes Princess Grace of Monaco. An epic film named "The Ten Commandments" premieres in the United States. Directed by legendary icon Cecil B. DeMille, starring Charlton Heston as Moses, Yul Brynner as Rameses and Anne Baxter as Nefretiri. The Rock’n Roll dance craze sweeps the world.
And Chevrolet launched the second version of the successful new passenger car platform established in 1955.

1950 through 1952 Chevrolet Deluxe Coupes were dubbed the 'Bel Air'. A few years later it would become its own distinct series and in 1953, the Bel Air became Chevrolet's top-of-the-line model range. The 1955 model year brought a fresh new, elegant look for Chevrolet. With bold features that included hooded headlights, tailfins, wrap-around windshield, and rear fender skirts, the Bel Air was able to out-style the competition. The base engine was a six-cylinder, 115 horsepower power-plant. At a price of $1095, it was a bargain. Considered America's first low-priced automobile with modern style Chevrolet quickly ascertained a reputation for building outstanding vehicles.

This mid-year of the Tri-Chevy (55-57) group sported a full-width grill, redesigned front and rear fenders, gas cap behind the left taillight, larger rectangular parking lights and sweeping side trim and other changes that set the 1956 Chevrolet apart from the 1955, which had already taken the country by storm with its all new body re-design.

Over the years these popular cars became an icon for the entire generation and they have gone on to become one of the most desirable and collectable post war cars of all.

We are currently offering a 1956 Chevrolet Bel-Air 4 door in an attractive color combination, powered by the economical and bullet-proof 235cui inline six-cylinder coupled to a power-glide automatic transmission.

This 56 Chevy does not have any emblems or indication regarding the engine type and will leave the curious viewer guessing, whether the car is propelled by a 6 or 8 cylinder engine. The car is solid and presentable throughout, mostly original, with some honest patina.

Having been with the previous owners for over 2 decades, this Bel Air traveled through the Southwestern US states, as well as to Hawaii for a short period of time. At some in its life the vehicle was cosmetically refurbished with new paint and interior updates. But 15+ years later it now shows aging as you can see in the pictures attached.

Two-tone green with matching interior. Good chrome and stainless with some pitting around the front turnsignals and taillight housings. Starts, runs, drives & shifts great. Wide whitewall tires with good thread, but they are pretty old. Seats redone stock style, good head liner and door panels. Carpet is faded in spots. Aftermarket am/fm/cassette with rear speakers. Small chip in windshield. Split in front seat.
Solid sheetmetal throughout with only minor rust inside the trunk. Air shocks in the rear. New voltage regulator, some new brake lines & hoses. New transmission mounts.

Ready to cruise and for the drive-in.

Offered for sale at only $ 11,950.

Auf Wunsch stellen wir gerne den Kontakt zum Verkäufer her. Dafür bitte email an

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